Welcome to My3Solutions

 My3solutions.com provides leading edge tools for the restaurant and foodservice industry. It provides comparison and ordering tools for chef, owners, operator, restaurants and all foodservice professionals in the industry. Whether your operation is big or small, this website allows you to compare. It compares all the different sales rep prices in one single screen, it eliminates the sorting of pages trying to look for which sale rep offers you the best prices. Since the prices constantly change this is a great way to gain purchasing power. It does not matter what food vendor your using, this system helps you compare any of their prices. 


Some Advantage of subscribing

  1. Lower Food Cost 
  2. Arrange your inventory
  3. Compare prices in one easy screen
  4. Place orders
  5. Allows Sales Rep to upload prices for each restaurant 
  6. Unique profile for each individual restaurant owner

1). Create a username and password 

  • Unique personal profile design with own inventory ordering guide
  • Able to connect with own Sale's Rep       

  2). Inform sale rep to upload prices to our system   

  • Ask sale's rep to upload them for you, and notification will be sent when prices are uploaded
  • You can also do it your self 
  • Only price that pertain to you will be uploaded to your comparison screen 

3). Map and Compare the items

  • Map each item from each vendor with that of other vendors in order to compare equally.
  • Once you have map each item, you will be able to compare equally with up to 5 vendors
  • You will be able to add items to each vendor order guide    










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